Welcome to the world of cuisines

A melange of grace, elegance and charm awaits you at our Banquets in RMZ Marq. Whether its your wedding anniversary, your kid's birthday or a retirement party, you can count on us to make your special moment even more special. With mind-bogglingly tastes and textures, amazing flavours and astonishing variety of delicious delicacies, we aim to deliver a true feast for real connoisseurs of food.


Designed to unwind

The cafe Studio at RMZ Marq is not just a cafe, it's a work of art. We ensure that we deliver unparalleled quality with artistry and passion to help you sit back and unwind with us in a spectacular ambiance . You can choose from a diverse range of coffee beans, sip on your favorite beverage or indulge in myriad assorted eateries to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.


For a refreshing dose of laughter

Come on in and watch your kids hop, skip, run, jump and laugh! We provide a safe zone for children of all ages to play and have fun in a colorful environment. The Children’s play zone is filled with creative activities and exciting games that encourage action and help in the physical, social and cognitive development of children.


Start your fitness regime today

You can now kick-start your day with early morning workouts and be the fitness enthusiast you always wanted to be. Our fitness centre is not just a place for an arduous workout and physical fitness, it's where you calm down, De-stress, build camaraderie, stamina and resolve for a better and healthy lifestyle.


Escape the Ping-Pong of life

Whether you want to learn different strokes and techniques, share some training secrets or practice effective routines to improve your table tennis, you are welcome to play a game with us and experience joy of victory and the agony of defeat for yourself!


Because listening to a child's laughter is an absolute delight

Swings, see saws, merry-go-rounds, slides and a lot of fun-filled activities make our tot lot a vibrant and lively place to be in. We ensure that this little paradise for children is well maintained for them to play, get together, frolic and explore to their heart's content.


Reflect within

When all you want is to reflect within, be at peace and find a temporary refuge from reality, take a plunge into our pool and relax to watch your all your stress slip away.


Play to your heart's content

You don't have to worry about sunny or damp weather any more because you can expel all that energy in our indoor play space through your favorite indoor games. Join us for a game of billiards, snooker, table tennis or just walk into our cards room for an engaging game of rummy and bridge.



Living life to the fullest has been the underlying ethos of RMZ Homes. In keeping with this philosophy ample forethought, concern and meticulous planning has gone into designing the amenities at ‘The Verve’ to simplify and make life a continuous celebration for its residents. Be it the Bus Bay for the kids or the convenience of a Business Centre, they all show how much we care!!!


Where friends become more than family

The Mini Café nestled in RMZ Marq, is a social gathering point where friends and family meet, relax and unwind in a splendid ambience's. We serve a wide variety of delicious treats with full range of beverages, desserts, jams,, snacks and a lot more. Walk into our café and indulge in our delicious savorier for a mouth-watering experience.


Train to be a pro

Whether it be basketball, tennis or football you can polish your skills at our multi-purpose court. We strive to bring you to what ever type of outdoor fun you choose by providing an ideal space to for you to play your favorite sports on the same court!

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