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RMZ Latitude

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RMZ Latitude

Sky Lounge


Teeming above the city’s sky line like a beacon light in a chaotic world is the realm of luxurious living personified by RMZ Latitude. The high end apartments in North Bangalore are set amidst sprawling 3.9 acres of luscious, verdant greenery and tree lined boulevards. The luxury high end apartments and premium penthouses designed by world renowned architect Oru Bose are architectural embellishments in the exquisitely designed landscape by MPFP of New York, that take luxury homes to unparalleled heights in Bangalore Hebbal. The stellar and distinct interiors of the luxurious apartments have been designed by the Masters in this class – HBA with sensitivity to make urban living pleasurable and relaxing in the exclusive apartments at the RMZ Latitude. The interior of the high end condominiums with inherent luxury and comfort mirrors the uber lifestyle and is a sanctuary to unwind from a busy life.

Cosy Retreats!

The sedate decor and interiors at RMZ Latitude is an assurance of peace and tranquillity.

Space is the breath of art.

The luxury residential apartments boast of 600 sq ft of contemporarily and ornately styled living rooms with large windows that open out to captivating and stunning views and glories in the abundance of natural air and light. The high end condos with ultra modern amenities in the living room are designed to best suit the jet setting lifestyle of the socialite. The exclusive apartments endowed with spacious living rooms reverberate of good times in the apartments high end entertainment.

Dine In Luxury!

Fine dining experience in the comfort of your home at RMZ Latitude!.

In The Bosom of Luxury

Get habituated to a lifestyle of privacy and comfort offered by these luxury houses. The spacious 4 bedrooms of the premium residential apartments are immaculately finished and furnished with contemporary comforts.

The Ease Of Cooking!

Utilitarian and ultra modern kitchen for the Lady on the go at the RMZ Latitude!.

The details are not the details.
They make the design.

For the connoisseurs of class, sophistication and elegance and for the lovers of impeccable quality, the super luxury apartments can be styled to reflect the personality of the beholder choosing from a palette of finishes and patterns to create your own niche exclusive condominium that bears your stamp of identity. Unleash your creativity and get accustomed to acknowledging praises and accolades for your luxurious house on a regular basis.

Breathing Life into Spaces

The luxury residential apartments boast of 600 sq ft of contemporarily and ornately styled living rooms with large windows that open out to captivating and stunning views and glories in the abundance of natural air and light. The high end condos with ultra modern amenities in the living room are designed to best suit the jet setting lifestyle of the socialite. The exclusive apartments endowed with spacious living rooms reverberate of good times in the apartments high end entertainment.


Island in the Skies

The stunning sky lounge with a panoramic view of the city is a bridge of sorts connecting the two iconic towers 160 ft above the ground. The unparalleled addition to the high end condominiums is the ideal spot for a gourmet dinner, a weekend soirée or just a tête-à-tête with the myriad constellations above. The 4,700 sq ft island in the clouds at the RMZ Latitude is a star gazers delight especially to the astronomically inclined residents of the premium apartments.


Nature’s Symphony

The well conceived and holistic landscape at the super high end apartments in North Bangalore is harmonious in execution and an adornment to Mother Nature. Designed with creative flair in appreciation of nature it is a silent compliment to the luxurious apartments. The condominiums surrounded by a canopy of flowers, manicured lawns and pebbled pathways sing paeans about the beauty of the place, celebrates space, exudes peace, tranquillity and is a soothing balm to the soul.



Living life to the fullest has been the underlying ethos of RMZ Homes. In keeping with this philosophy ample forethought, concern and meticulous planning has gone into designing the amenities at ‘The Verve’ to simplify and make life a continuous celebration for its residents. Be it the Bus Bay for the kids or the convenience of a Business Centre, they all show how much we care!!!


Activity Zone

Each child is blessed with creativity, untapped potentials and something special that renders them unique and establishes their identity. The sensitive and patient master craftsmen at the Junior Club with activities specifically designed for different age groups chisel away the rough edges to reveal the precious gem in each child. Each day promises to be fun, enriching and productive with problems solved, fears addressed and confidence restored!


Tuning Up

Dance your way to good health, a toned body and a buoyant mind and all this to the accompaniment of some upbeat and peppy music with lots of energy and fun thrown in for good measure in the aerobics sessions at ‘The Verve’. Each session is handled by certified experts and is designed to suit people of all age groups with the level of difficulty and intensity varied based on fitness parameters.



It’s the new buzzword for fun way of doing aerobics in water and is a great hit with the kids. Also, a superb way to beat the water blues, the adipose and the listlessness with the use of innovative and interesting props all under the watchful eyes of our trained and certified experts. The cool and tranquil waters will leave you feeling energized and exhilarated all through the day.


The BBQ Junction

Got an occasion to celebrate? Then, what better way to celebrate than with sizzlers, grills and barbeques at the most happening place of all – The BBQ Junction at ‘The Verve’. The ambience is sizzling hot, the BBQ’s exotic, the service sprightly and the experience unbelievable each time, every time!


Cue Sports

Cue Sports is an amazing cue game requiring immense mental and physical strength coupled with precision and concentration. There cannot be a better way to hone these skills than at the classic full sized table in the Billiards Room at ‘The Verve’. Enjoy this historically rich game as a pro or with amateurs and as you sharpen the cue stick with the chalk aim for the pocket and score in Shots or Cannons.


Body & Soul

The wellbeing of our patrons is our prime concern. To help you evolve as a complete person exuding positivity and goodness all around it becomes imperative to strike a harmonious balance of the body, mind and soul. For a holistic unfolding of the same ‘The Verve’ is the magic wand into the world full of possibilities, choices, dreams and aspirations.


Business Center

The Business Centre at ‘The Verve’ is fully equipped with a wide spectrum of revolutionary technologies and is furnished with an ambience vital to the conduction of business in the 21st century. Whether it is making that all-important contract clinching presentation or teleconferencing with global counterparts, the round-the-clock power backup and system maintenance engineers ensure glitch free functioning of all the components for your assured 


Cafe Studio

The whiff of freshly ground coffee beans, the array of energizing drinks and the tempting spread of appetizing dainty delicacies beckons one and all to the exclusive and lovely Cafe Studio at ‘The Verve’. The studio with its spacious and appealing interiors, impeccable service and eclectic mix of beans and beverages sourced from around the world is a great place to unwind with friends or strike business deals over a steaming kappa or simply enjoyed in solitude.


Poker Fun

Bridge, Poker, Rummy, Solitaire or Blackjack – choose your pick of card games in the Card Zone exclusively dedicated to all the card lovers. It’s a great place to hang out with family and friends and try one’s luck at the poker table over a discussion of the latest business trends or simply captivate one and all with a trick up the sleeve or with the sleight of the hand or with cool card magic.


Convenience Store

The convenience of a Convenience Store stands greatly amplified by its easy reach and location within the premises. It completely breaks down the burden of shopping and transforms the mundane exercise into one of fun and pleasure. Here, one can not only find the day-to-day household requirements but also farm fresh veggies, exotic seasonal fruits sourced globally and all that one fancies and more - under a single roof!!



With stars gazing down from above and to a thunderous round of applause, art forms are appreciated and budding talents encouraged, applauded and acknowledged at the Delphi which is reminiscent of the amphitheatres of ancient Rome. Be it meeting or socializing, viewing movies or partying, music concerts or dancing – Delphi, the open-air amphitheatre is the place to head for!



Walking or jogging in the wee hours of the morning or enjoying a contact sport in an open field all have a unique charm of their own. The vast open space is known to liberate the free spirit in an individual. And, to bring out the best in everyone and keep them in a healthy frame of mind and body, ‘The Verve’ has lined up an impressive list of outdoor games to choose from to enjoy and pursue.



‘The Verve’ is the quintessential destination symbolising the best and the finest things life can offer. The vibrant atmosphere, sophistication, style and elegance are the high-points that set ‘The Verve’ as a class apart from the rest. To further add to the charisma of the place is the fine dining experience, the choice of wine, the elaborate spread of delectable cuisines...... meticulously planned and executed to the finest detail.


Half Basketball Court

Master your ball handling and dodging skills as you dribble your way around in this half basket ball court at ‘The Verve’. A very intensely competitive team game that literally keeps you on your toes, it is a well loved sport the world over and can be played alone or with group of friends at the half basketball court.


Infinity Pool

While the thought of swimming in this vanishing edge pool can be petrifying for some, it can be an electrifying experience for some others and simply awesome for still others! The visually captivating pool set against a stunning backdrop makes swimming at the Infinity Pool memorable. With the endless sky above and the breathtaking view of the city for company time stands infinitely still at this exotic pool!


Jogging Track

One can endlessly eulogise about the wholesome benefits of jogging in the fresh, oxygen rich early hours of the morning. Considered to be one of the least expensive amongst the many options and with minimal stress on the body this great life span enhancer suits the young and old alike. With an exclusive jogging track that runs through the beautiful landscape, it can easily become your most addictive morning exercise!!



There is never a dull moment here for children as they discover, explore and invent games in this play area exclusively designed to unleash their creativity, imagination and to celebrate the spirit of childhood. Legos has been thoughtfully put together to nurture true sportsmanship in young impressionable minds and to render them as great team players of tomorrow!



Recreation is refreshing, therapeutic, amusing and productive. It is neither bound by time, space or reason. ‘The Verve’ with its unprecedented and enviable plethora of indulgences is aimed at enhancing one’s personality with choices ranging from real time to virtual sweat-it-out indoor games to the more reclining card games and movie lounge that assuredly leaves you dynamically charged and thirsting for more.


Movie Lounge

he Movie Lounge at ‘The Verve’ is a great place for entertaining or special screenings of equally special life’s happenings with your close knit circle of friends and family. The avant-garde and comfy Movie Lounge equipped with cutting edge sound and cinema systems is the ideal place for premiering movies to an elite group. The venue can also be booked just for two for a cosy romantic movie date!!


Open Jacuzzi

After many laps of swimming in the pool take a breather in one of the many open air Jacuzzis located at the end of the swimming pool. While the soothing and relaxing whirlpool bath gently massages your body, enjoy your favourite drink or beverage served at the pool by our perky and sprightly restaurant staff.


Oxy Spa

The Spas, Steam and Treatment salons unlock the realm of heightened rejuvenation and relaxation as the body is pampered with the finest selection of exotic and aromatic oils, rare medicinal herbs and a heady cocktail of the best treatments from across the world. Choose from our exquisitely designed spa cuisine for a comforting and new YOU!


Pocket Billiards

After a day’s hectic work and a nerve wracking drive through the city’s traffic maze what one really needs is a game at the Pool Table to cool the frayed nerves and relax the agitated mind that leaves one feeling energized and refreshed to play an Eight-Ball, One-Pocket or a Bank-Pool.


Putting Green

A course that meanders through acres of greenery in a scenic landscaped layout with teeing options aplenty beckons the swing of the clubs at this stunningly beautiful golf course at ‘The Verve’. Golf is probably one of the few games that lets you mix business with pleasure as you stroke play with the entrepreneurs, visionaries or business magnates in a quick round of game in the morning or friendly matches over the weekend.


Quick Bites

This special eatery is stocked with an amazing choice of snacks, green drinks and fresh fruit juices that are high on taste, nutrition and low on calories making it a healthy and satiating grab-a-bite option for those abrupt cravings or for those on the way to work, office or play. Also, a great place to hang out with friends for an afternoon brunch!



The brush of the hair and the snip of the scissors at the upscale Salon at ‘The Verve’ can leave you with transformed looks and new found confidence and vigour to take on the challenges of the world. The hygienic and scrupulously clean salon with experts in the art of hair trimming and beauty therapies offer their valued advice and service on par with the best international salons.


Skate Boarding

This action packed sport drives the youngsters and adults crazy with its antics, skills, adventure and the high-degree of competition it offers. Skateboarding is fun, recreational and one that demands a great deal of courage, balance and grace. With dedicated lanes exclusively for skateboarding go for this sport with full gusto and what’s more you can use the skateboard to zip around in the neighbourhood!


Sky Lounge

The Sky Lounge at ‘The Verve’ is a marvellous piece of architecture that stands tall above the rest. The lounge with its sedate and serene ambience accentuates the uniqueness of the place and justifies the iconic stature assigned to it. Situated far above the buzzing city, soak in the luxury of the place and raise a toast to a life of class, style and fine living.


Squash Court

Squash is a high octane game that has been in existence since the 19th century and is rapidly gaining popularity in India. The ultra modern squash court at ‘The Verve’ will fulfil one’s appetite for fast paced games. Amateur or pro train with our expert professionals for this mentally and physically challenging game often referred to as ‘Turbocharged Chess’.


Swimming Pool

This cardio-vascular exercise is a great fat burner, endurance and muscle strength builder, an all-weather, relaxing and a cool sport. The pool with private showers and changing enclosures is equipped with high-tech water replacement systems to keep the waters pristine and fresh. Hit the conscientiously and hygienically maintained swimming pool at ‘The Verve’ to have a refreshingly cool lingering experience all through the day.



A game of agility, dexterity and quick response time, Table Tennis is a favourite with the young school and college going crowd. This addictive high energy game is an ice-breaker of sorts where friendships can be established or renewed over a game and great partnerships can be discovered. Catch’em young and train them to become Pro’s of the game!


Temperature Controlled Pool

Does a drop in the mercury dampen your swimming plans or the cool waters run a shiver down the spine? Rest at ease! The temperature controlled pool at ‘The Verve’ caters to all your whims and ensures you do not miss out on your laps in the pool whatever the reason or season. The pool, the waters, the temperature and the service is at your command here!


Tennis Court

A supercharged game of tennis is what you need to get the adrenaline pumping for the day! The luscious green tennis court at ‘The Verve’ is of international standards and a host to many a competition for seasonal players. The tennis enthusiasts can rub shoulders with champions or train to be a Pro with our professional coaches and aim for a berth in the international circuit.


The Study

Get lost in a world of books at ‘The study’- stacked with rows and rows of books and with a quiet ambience that makes reading a pleasure. Embark on hitherto undiscovered journeys into different worlds or be an armchair traveller or delve into the mind of authors gone by or cache in on knowledge in this treasure house of precious books. Come, fall in love with books!


Toddlers Pool

Not to forget the little ones or infringe on their rights to unlimited fun, the safe and secure Toddler’s Pool at ‘The Verve’ promises days of endless frolicking in water. It’s also a great way of helping your child open up and socialise with others while the waters and the exercise works magic on their muscles, joints and the lungs.


Tot Lot

There’s something special for everyone at ‘The Verve’, not to forget the precious tiny tots with activity corners like the scribble wall exclusively designed to unbridle their rich and varied imaginations and bubbling laughter. The activities are specially designed to develop their motor, cognitive and analytical capabilities while they have fun at the same time. Watch them bloom in full under the vigilant eyes of our trained and caring staff.


V - Fit - Gym

The V-Fit-Gym at ‘The Verve’ attributes multidimensional connotations to the concept of a Gym by redefining it at an all new level. Equipped with state-of-art and well maintained gym equipments, the Gym at ‘The Verve’ is not just the right place to burn off the excess calories or develop a six-pack or a slim toned body but also a great place for body sculpting under the expert guidance of our trained and certified experts.


Virtual Golf

The Virtual Golf simulator at ‘The Verve’ is in a league of its own. With realistic views and sounds, replay capabilities and a menu of different golf courses from around the world, it’s a boon to the amateur to master the finer nuances of the game before hitting the actual course. It’s a challenging game of Man Vs Machine!!


The Ballroom

One’s lifetime is interspersed with many events and occasions and while some occur only once, some are so special that they require nothing but the best to record the sweet memories for posterity. The Ballroom at ‘The Verve’ is one such place where dreams come true, where quirky fantasies are realised and where the collage of finest memories and unforgettable experiences are created.


Yoga Sutras

Discover and connect with your inner self as our trained yoga experts take you through a holistic process of meditation and asanas that induce healing, tranquillity and overall well being of the body, mind and soul in addition to being a great stress-buster. Be it a novice or an expert, one can choose from the many forms like Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga to the more powerful Gym Yoga.

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